Moorgate Benchmarks leverages years of experience in designing, successfully launching and managing indices, to help clients build passive management strategies, design and finalise index concepts, and plan and implement index governance systems. 

Our expertise ensures clients understand their objectives and that the most appropriate strategy is built, that subtle index design errors are avoided, and that best practice governance methods are followed, in order to make their indices a success at the most crucial time for any index or index series – the launch. 

We offer expertise and experience derived from intimate knowledge of the world’s best index providers, without imposing on our clients their requirement for ongoing asset-based fees and co-ownership of indices. This proprietary expertise and knowledge of the index-using investment and trading markets enables our clients’ projects to succeed. 



1. Recognition and Endorsement of third country index providers affected by the EU Benchmarks Regulation

2. Best in Class Index Strategy and Index Design

3. Index Governance & Management

4. Index Calculation and Index Administration Services